Words matter.

They can illuminate an idea or obscure it, build an image or destroy one, promote a product or get in its way. CrossDot Writing can ensure that your content reflects the intelligence and creativity of your research, story, idea, product, or service.

CrossDot provides freelance writing and editing services for nonprofits, universities, corporations, small businesses, and private clients. Whether you’re still trying to figure out what you want to say or you already have something written and just want to make it better, CrossDot can help develop clear, compelling, and accurate content.

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Services & Products

  • Print and online newsletter content and/or editing
  • Social media strategy: blogging, Facebook, Twitter
  • Magazine, newspaper, and trade articles
  • Executive summaries, annual reports, and other business communications
  • Press Releases

  • Marketing materials
  • Brochures
  • Book editing
  • Website content
  • Product reviews & descriptions
  • Personal communications, including resumes, cover letters, memorials, and toasts


Don’t see what you’re looking for? The list is only a sample. Please contact CrossDot to discuss your writing or editing needs.